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Woven Willow Border Edging 1m

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Our hand-woven willow border edging is a natural hand-woven border solution designed to elevate the aesthetics of your garden while providing all the functional benefits of a defined border between your lawn, beds and pathways. This versatile edging serves as an effective and effortless way to enhance the neatness of your garden.

It also helps solve the problem of weed growth by acting as a natural defence against lawn creep and reducing weed transfer. The hand-woven willow border edging is tailored for individuals who appreciate the beauty of natural and environmentally friendly crisp clean borders in their outdoor spaces.

Measuring at a convenient 1m in length, this border edging is designed for quick and easy installation simply push the legs into the soil, making it accessible for all garden enthusiasts. If you're someone looking to create a natural border that not only adds charm to your garden but also serves a functional purpose, this woven willow edging is the ideal choice.

Manufactured from coppiced willow these are durable and environmentally friendly.

Dimensions: W1m  x H20cm - 30cm legs provided at each end of every 1m section.

Install the willow edging effortlessly by utilising the two 30cm legs provided at each end of every 1m section. Simply insert them securely into the ground, ensuring sufficient depth to withstand strong winds. This easy installation method allows you to leave the edging in place throughout the year, providing both stability and convenience.

Crafted from natural willow, the Woven Willow Border Edging not only enhances the charm of your garden but also embodies a remarkable environmental attribute – fast replacement. Willow trees, the source of this elegant border edging, exhibit a rapid growth rate that facilitates the swift regeneration of cut timber. This unique sustainability feature ensures that the Woven Willow Border Edging aligns seamlessly with environmentally conscious choices, making it more than just a decorative garden element.

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