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Water Retaining Slices For Pot Plants or Baskets Pack of 6

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Water Slices are the watering solution for hanging baskets, pot plants, houseplants etc. Water Slices are easy to use, & when fully soaked they slow release the water which will sustain plants in a healthy condition for weeks.

Water Slices save at least 65% of usual water usage.

Water Slices are an ideal solution for holiday watering


  • Put dry slice into water

  • Soak for 3 hours or until fully wetted

  • Remove fully wetted slice and use

If using in an average sized pot:

Put wetted slices under pot plant (ensure that the pots base holes are in contact with the slice). Wetted slices can also be put into or under your plants compost giving similar results.

  • 1 Slice = 1 weeks watering

  • 2 Slices = 2 weeks watering

  • 3 Slices = 3 weeks watering

Period between watering is longer if the water is initially 1cm above slices.

If using in hanging baskets:

Slices can be used in baskets with any type of plastic liner. The use of a plastic liner and layered slices will increase the interval between watering. If lining with moss the water in the slice will not drain out and be wasted. Use slices inside flower towers, pouches, bags and troughs. Two slices are ideal in towers & pouches.

Wetted pouches can be used in all types of hanging baskets, flower pouches, flower towers, wall mounted troughs ect. They can be reused, to replenish you slice just water normally.

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