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Wasp Trap and 100ml Attractant

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This wasp trap is an effective way of catching large quantities of wasps and hornets in both domestic and commercial premises, gardens and patio areas. The trap and attractant when used together will lure in the wasps and hornets, where they become trapped, eventually drowning in the water/attractant mix contained within the trap.

Our attractant is species-specific ensuring that it will not attract bees, birds or other wildlife, chemical free and safe to use around children and pets.

Made from recyclable plastic, the wasp traps can be emptied, cleaned and reused, just replace the attractant and you have a brand-new trap, also easily stored out of season.

We recommend diluting the attractant on a 50/50 basis, if your are experiencing an active infestation then use a less diluted formula to maximise breaking the communication cycle preventing the infestation worsening.

Best used from May onwards, finishing in the early autumn to ensure maximum trapping rates for the aggressive wasps.

For a standard garden, 1-3 traps set up would be adequate coverage, larger gardens may need more traps to reduce the population of Wasps and Hornets.

To clean your trap simply empty contents into a bin and thoroughly rinse in clean water. Store the attractant in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Attractant available separately or as part of your initial kit.

Trap Dimensions: 14cm x 8cm x 8cm

To assemble:

- Thread cord to the top clear part of the trap through the holes provided.

- Attach the middle circular section (clear with holes for entry by wasps) by aligning the slots to the tabs on the top clear part, slide in and twist clockwise to lock into position.

- Add attractant to the yellow base, we recommend 50ml per trap diluted on a 50/50 basis.  This can be increased if you are experiencing an active infestation.

- Connect the yellow base piece with the clear top and middle pieces and twist clockwise to lock into place.

- Hang from a tree or post/structure away from populated areas, wasps will be attracted away from these areas to be trapped. 

- Check traps on a regular basis (approximately every 2 weeks) and replace the attractant when the water is full of wasps or has dried out completely.

To clean:

- Ensure that all the wasps within are fully dead before dismantling the trap.

- Disconnect the bottom part of the trap by twisting clockwise.

- Empty the contents and wash the trap in warm soapy water.


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