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Woven Willow Twigwam Teepee

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The Woven Willow Twigwam Teepee is a delightful children's garden retreat meticulously crafted by hand from a 4-part structure. This enchanting willow twigwam not only serves as a play area that is both natural and sustainable for children, but it also veers away from synthetic materials, establishing an eco-friendly sanctuary in your garden. Crafted from natural willow, it seamlessly integrates with the environment, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Measuring 160cm tall x 85cm wide the Woven Willow Twigwam Teepee goes beyond being a mere play structure; it offers a solution to a common problem by providing a natural way for children to explore their creativity and imagination, no screens are included with this teepee/wigwam.

More Information: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the willow wood used in the teepee boasts a remarkable attribute – fast replacement. With a rapid growth rate, willow trees facilitate the quick regeneration of cut timber. This sustainability feature ensures that the Woven Willow Twigwam Teepee aligns with environmentally conscious choices, making it not just a play structure but a thoughtful addition that harmonises with the principles of ecological responsibility.

Dimensions: H160cm x D85cm

Self-assembly, no tools required, simple cable tie construction (Supplied)


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