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180L Tumbling Composter

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Convert your household waste into nutrient packed compost with the 180litre tumbling composter. This tumbling composter requires little effort and will revolutionise the way you compost.

The composters two compartments mean you never have to stop composting. Once one compartment is full, you can move onto the second composter compartment, as this side fills, the first compartment will be ready to empty again. This cycle can continue ad infinitum, ensuring you have a healthy infinite supply of compost.

The gear and the handle system means that turning the composter drum is easy. Added to this the geared ratchet is able to automatically lock rotation in any position.

The composter barrel is UV-protected and has air vents to promote faster decomposition. The frame of the composter contains a zinc-coated steel, making this tumbling composter robust, sturdy and means it will last for many years.Large opening doors means that adding waste and collecting the finished compost is very easy.

The tumbling composter is made from 90% recycled plastic.

Why does a composter need to turn or rotate?

Rotating or tumbling compost adds vital air to the process aiding in the decomposition of the waste that is inside.

Tumbling Composter Dimensions

Weight: 24kg
Length: 910mm
Width: 640mm
Height: 1090mm
Colour: Black
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 180 litres

What is composting?

Composting is the process of taking household waste, such as vegetable peel, food scraps and other waste into nutrient-rich organic fertiliser. Anything that grows, eventually decomposes and composting speeds this process up.
Composting is good for the environment as it means less waste going to landfill and it's good for your gardening as it means you have a source nutrient-dense compost and fertiliser which will help your crops to grow.

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