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Tomato Leaf Miner Trap and Refill

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Introducing our Tomato Leaf Miner Traps – the perfect solution to safeguard your tomato plants from the detrimental effects of leaf miner moths. These traps are meticulously designed to endure prolonged exposure to sunlight and rain, ensuring unwavering effectiveness even in the toughest weather conditions.


Key Features:

Weather-Resistant Design: Our traps are crafted to withstand extended periods of sunlight and rain, providing reliable protection for your tomato plants throughout changing weather conditions.

Chemical-Free Protection: With a commitment to eco-friendliness, our traps contain no harmful chemicals. This makes them safe for use around birds, bees, and butterflies, allowing you to protect your plants without compromising the environment.

Pheromone-Based Attractant: The traps utilize a pheromone-based attractant that lures and captures male tomato leaf miner moths. By preventing them from mating and laying eggs on your tomato plants, our traps effectively reduce crop damage.

Understanding the Tomato Leaf Miner:

Identification: Tomato Leaf Miner is a small yellow and black fly, approximately 7mm in length, known for causing crop damage worldwide. It has been a persistent pest since the 1960s, commonly infesting tomatoes, sweet pepper, lettuce, melon, chrysanthemum, and gerbera.

Life Cycle:The larvae of the Tomato Leaf Miner are transparent white, with older larvae having a yellow head. As they develop, they tunnel down inside the leaves, leaving the outer part untouched. The resulting damage manifests as small tunnels and white/transparent tracks within the leaf system.

Impact on Plants:Tomato Leaf Miners can harm the leaves, impeding them from dropping and hindering future growth. They also pose a threat to seedlings and young plants, causing direct damage to the root system.

Usage Tips:  Watch the leaves in the spring, these are likely the target for any leaf miners overwintered in the soil.  Promptly remove any suspected damage and start suing your trap.  Hang the traps as close as possible to affected plants, using a cane or placing them amongst the vines. If used in a greenhouse, simply hook them to the beams for optimal effectiveness.  Replace every 45 days (approx.) Refills available.

Package Contents:  Each trap comes with 2 x lures and 2 x sticky pads, providing comprehensive protection. Additionally, our refill package contains 2 x replacement lures and 2 x sticky pads, ensuring continued defense against tomato leaf miner moths.

Choose our Tomato Leaf Miner Traps for a reliable, chemical-free, and environmentally conscious solution to preserve the health and productivity of your tomato plants. Guard your crops with confidence and keep your garden thriving.

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