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Tomato & Chilli Drip Feeders 5x 32ml

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These tomato and chilli feeders are composed of natural ingredients and offer a balanced formula for your plants, delivering the ideal amount of feed every day.

Using these drip feeders is straightforward - simply snip off the top of the vial and insert it upside down into your plant pot. With each vial, you can expect a gradual and balanced release of nutrients that is sufficient to feed a plant for an average of 15 days, promoting abundant fruiting.

If the vial is still full after the 15-day period, don't worry about replacing it. Instead, let the plant take the food as it requires and replace it when the vial is completely empty. This formula is specially designed for all types of tomato and chilli plants, reinforcing the plants' defences against indoor stress with regular use.

Place the nozzle into the soil at a slight angle, away from the plant. The rate of flow from the vial can differ significantly due to differences in soil type and density. On average, the vial will last 15 days, but it may empty more quickly in certain circumstances. If the vial runs out sooner, don't worry because the plant will have received enough nutrition for 15 days.

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