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Swop Top Soft Brush Head Darlac DP571

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The Swop Top Soft Brush head offers soft, delicate bristles to help you clean different surfaces without scratching, such as greenhouse glass, conservatories, caravans or vans.

The angled head design makes this brush suitable for cleaning high up, vertical surfaces, such as greenhouse sides and horizontal, flat surfaces, such as conservatory roofs or garden furniture.

Can be used dry to remove loose dirt and can also be used in conjunction with the Spiral Flow Hose for a truely thorough clean.

Connects easily and securely to the Darlac Telescopic Pole with its quick connection socket.

Extra soft bristles – no scratching

For use with the swop-top pole and optional spiral flow hosepipe and soap dispenser

Soft yet dense fibres for effective cleaning of glass in conservatories and greenhouses. As part of a Swop-Top range, the Soft Brush allows you to reach previously inaccessible areas.

Brush head connects to either DP560 or DP570 telescopic poles. If used in conjunction with DP577 spiral flow hose water can be applied through the brush head to assist cleaning. If required, DP576 Soap Dispenser can be integrated through to apply cleaning detergent

Brush head approximately 9¾" (25cm) wide.

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