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Sunnyside Poultry House and Run

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This Sunnyside Poultry House and Run makes a delightful home for up to 6 of your feathered friends.

This poultry house is complete with a built-in chicken run for all their pecking and scratching needs. This chicken coop is an ideal size for free-range, garden-roaming chickens.

The Sunnyside Poultry House and Run have an access door by the house for a pop-hole operation, and another door at the end of the chicken run to allow your poultry out.

Features of the Sunnyside Poultry House and Run
-Suitable for 2-6 chickens
-Solid coop construction 12mm cladding, heavy-duty frame
-Built-in spacious chicken run
-Double poultry nest box
-Large rear door in the coop
-Strong duty fittings throughout

This chicken coop is robust, and sturdy and has heavy-duty fittings throughout. For extra safety for your chickens and poultry, invest in a Foxwatch Electronic Garden Pest Deterrent here.

External dimensions of poultry house: Height 90cm x Width 90cm x  Depth 90cm
Chicken run dimensions: Length 180cm x Width 90cm 

The poultry house is supplied in sections on a large pallet for easy self-assembly.

Construction will take approximately 12 hours, and a cross-head screwdriver, preferably battery-operated, is needed.

More info: It is recommended to treat the wooden chicken house once or twice a year.
Use a high-quality treatment on the coop preferably containing water repellents to help further seal the wooden chicken house.
This is advised to be done when the coop is new for peak efficiency of the coop roof against rain/snow.

Clever roof design
The 12 mm roof of this chicken coop is a wooden cladding, designed to deliver years of service. The poultry house roof operates with interlocking 12 mm shiplap boards and offers a very high-level management of red mites, (nowhere for them to hide easily).
The wooden roof of the chicken coop will come pressure treated, meaning the wood can be moist at first and when outside it can take time to fully dry out. Throughout the winter, wood acts as a sponge and will swell and move this means knots may need resealing during its life.
The resealing of knots on your coop should form part of your routine poultry house maintenance.

External dimensions of poultry house: 90cm x 90cm x 90cm
Chicken run dimensions: 180cm x 90cm

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