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Sunflower Growing Race Set

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This Sunflower Race Set is perfect for children and the whole family. Race to see whose sunflower grows the tallest with this fun and interactive way for children to learn about growing sunflowers and plants.

Everything you need to start growing (and racing) your sunflowers is included, just add water.
Give the gift of loyalty and adoration, that’s what the popular sunflower plant symbolises.

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How long do sunflowers take to germinate
Germination takes approximately 7-12 days. Speed of growth depends on growing conditions. Keep on a warm, sunny windowsill and water regularly.

Sunflower facts
Sunflowers are one of the most popular flowers in the world and the tallest ever sunflower was recorded at 31 feet.
Sunflowers when planted in the garden can draw aphids away from other plants.
Sunflowers follow the sun. They rotate their flower head to face the sun and when after sunset they then rotate east in preparation for sunrise the next day. This process is called heliotropism. The older the sunflower gets the less they do this.

How to use this Sunflower Race Set:
Begin your kit by planting and germinating the sunflower seeds, inside from February to April. Grow on a warm, sunny windowsill. These sunflowers are then ready for replanting outside in April or May when temperatures start to rise and when the sunflowers are at least 30cm tall.

Transfer the sunflowers to a garden patch that gets 6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day. Plant outside in loose, well-drained soil.Water your sunflowers often and with plenty of water.

Step by step:
Sow indoors February to April.
Step 1- Place coir discs into bowl and add approximately 180mls of water. Allow water to fully absorb to create a soil-like consistency.
Step 2- Add moist coir to each pot, thinly sow 1 seed per pot and lightly press down to cover.
Step 3- Pots can then be placed back into plastic clamshell to act as mini propagator until seedlings appear.
Step 4- Water regularly as needed.

Transplant outdoors May to July:
Seedlings can be transplanted into larger pots of compost or directly into your garden when large enough to handle. Choose a sunny sheltered position, ideally against a wall or fencing.

Flowers July to October:
Support large plants as needed and continue to water regularly.

Kit includes: 3 mini starter pots, 6 coir disks, sachet of sunflower seeds, plastic packaging that doubles as a mini propagator. 

Size of pot: W- 5cm H- 5.5cm approx.
Weight: 0.69kg


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