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Strulch 100 litre Bag

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Perfect for organic gardening this garden mulch reduces weed growth by up to 95% it is made from wheat straw and is light and easy to use.

With is neutral pH it is suitable to use on raised beds, garden borders and on fruit and vegetable plots. Helps retain moisture around plants and improves the quality of soil

Lasts up to 2 years saving you time and money. Due to is physical properties and embedded minerals it is a natural slug and snail deterrent.

Remove existing weeds and spread around established plants and shrubs to a depth of 3-4 cm on bare soil.

The 100 litre bags will cover up to 3 square meters. Water the mulch to fix it in place, leave space around woody stems.

Wear gloves when handling.

The packed product may contain traces of iron which will be absorbed by the straw after spreading.

Keep away from sources of ignition when dry.

Strulch is biodegradable and will break down over time, adding valuable organic matter and nutrients to the soil. N – 0.6%, P2O5 – 0.2%, K2O – 1.6% percentage dry matter, plus calcium, magnesium and iron (0.75%) and organic acid preservative.

Strulch encourages earthworm activity by acting as a long term food source for surface feeding species.