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Yellow Stick Traps for Flying Insects Pack of 10

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These double-sided sticky traps are designed to effectively control pests such as whitefly, thrips, leaf miners, and greenfly. The non-drying glue coating on each trap captures winged adults, preventing them from reaching your precious plants. Difficult-to-control insect pests are no match for our traps.

This set includes 5 traps shaped like charming birds and 5 in the delightful form of tulips, all in the vibrant yellow colour that attracts small flying insect pests.

Employ a proactive approach to pest management. Catching winged adults before they can infest your plants delays the build-up of pests and may even reduce existing insect populations. For severe infestations, consider combining our traps with biological controls for comprehensive protection.

Dimensions:  H13cm x W6.5cm 

Spike: 6cm leaving upto 7cm once inserted into the soil.

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