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Solar Mole Repeller

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Solar Mole Repeller: the humane and effective solution to clear moles from your lawn without the need for traps or dangerous poisons.

This innovative device utilises low-frequency vibrations to mimic the sound of animals digging, creating a natural deterrent for moles in your garden.

How does it work?

Low-frequency vibration technology: The mole repeller generates low-frequency vibrations in the soil, simulating the sound of other animals digging. This mimics the presence of predators or competing moles, encouraging moles to vacate the area without causing harm.

Humane mole removal: Say goodbye to harmful traps and poisons. Our mole repeller offers a humane and eco-friendly way to clear moles from your lawn. Safe for use around humans, cats, dogs, fish and birds.

Easy installation: Simply push the device into your lawn, and it's ready to work. No complicated setup or tools required. The mole repeller starts its operation immediately, providing you with a hassle-free solution to mole-related issues. Best used in pairs and moved every few days to ‘Shepherd’ the moles off your land.

Weatherproof: Designed for use in the UK, so yes its fully certified IP67 from both rain and moisture in the soil.

Vibration and bleep sound indicator: When the device is active, you'll feel low-frequency vibrations and hear a bleeping sound approximately every 30 seconds. This ensures you know the unit is operating effectively, creating a consistent deterrent for moles.

Up to 30 days for optimal results: Allow the mole repeller up to 30 days in the soil to effectively clear moles from the target area. Patience is key, as the vibrations gradually create an environment that moles find less inviting. Think of it like herding sheep, moving the repeller towards the edge of the area every few days, this is when using two units can be particularly effective.

Rechargeable batteries included: The mole repeller comes with rechargeable batteries included, ensuring a sustainable and long-lasting solution. The rechargeable battery allows the device to operate effectively even on cloudy winter days, running well into the night. A full charge provides up to 25 days of use.

Solar-powered efficiency: The built-in solar panel ensures the device receives enough sunlight to run effectively, making it an energy-efficient and eco-conscious solution for mole control in your garden.

Coverage area: The mole repeller is designed to cover up 650m². The coverage may vary based on the type of ground, for example chalky ground transmits noise more effectively than sand.

Protect your lawn the humane way with our Mole Repeller. Order now and experience a peaceful, mole-free garden without resorting to harmful methods.


Height: 31cm

Width: 4.5cm

Feed the wire from the pointed end tube through the middle tube and screw the 2 tubes together securely.

Connect the wires.

Feed the excess wire back into the middle tube and push the middle tubes into the round location of the top being careful not to trap the wire. Make sure the middle tube is pressed fully into the top.

The harder packed the soil, the better the product will operate. Frozen soil, irrigated or waterlogged ground is not appropriate for this product to function effectively.

Height: 31cm

Width: 4.5cm

Covered radius Upto 650sq.m 

Colour: Green and black

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