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Smartedge Lawn Edging Flexible

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Smartedge lawn edging is available in 5m,10m and 50m rolls. It is a flexible lawn and border edging which will last for years. Easy to install and is lawn mower friendly. It presents an ideal solution for achieving well-defined edges in your lawn.

Crafted from heavy-duty polypropylene, this versatile edging system empowers you to design a distinctive landscape free from the challenges of crumbling edges or intrusive grass. Once installed, this robust product proves resilient enough to withstand the weight of lawn mowers or small ride ons, making it suitable for application in both small and expansive gardens, consistently delivering aesthetically pleasing results.

Designed for both strength and flexibility, Smartedge boasts a unique structure that intertwines with the roots of your lawn as the grass grows. This creates a clean and orderly boundary, effectively separating the grass from flowerbeds, paths, rockeries, and various other features in your garden. The edge strip, constructed from UV and frost-resistant polypropylene, ensures durability, protecting against issues such as rot, cracking, and splitting.

The Smartedge system includes securing pins as a standard feature, though additional pins may be needed based on the shape of your border and the characteristics of your lawn's surface.

 5m Smartedge pack includes 60 pins and 120 A frames.

During the installation of the lawn edge, it is advised to avoid overly dry ground conditions. Ensuring pliability is crucial for an easy setup. If the ground is too dry, watering the area before laying Smartedge makes the process more manageable. Each edge unit is equipped with securing pins for convenient fixing, which becomes unnecessary once the grass binds itself. Additional pins are also available for purchase separately, offering flexibility in customization. Transform your lawn effortlessly with Smartedge, a reliable solution that combines durability, functionality, and ease of use.

Height 15cm.


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