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Slugless 20L Bag Organic Slug and Snail Deterrent

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Slugless 4 in 1 x 20L acts as a barrier against slugs and snails, employing a unique strategy that deters rather than harms. By creating a dry, spiky surface, it irritates and desiccates these garden intruders, effectively keeping them at bay without the need for harmful chemicals.

Become weed-free as Slugless 4 in 1 x 20L forms a protective crust over the soil, depriving weeds of sunlight and thwarting their growth. Meanwhile, its organic composition enriches the soil with essential nutrients and biochar, fostering a healthy environment for your plants to flourish.

Suitable for fruits, flowers, and vegetables alike. Whether in beds, plots, pots, or baskets, its clean, easy-to-use pellets provide a decorative touch while deterring pests and nurturing your plants.

Slugless 4 in 1 x 20L effortlessly holds moisture, reducing the frequency of watering while maintaining optimal hydration levels for your plants. With its ability to retain up to 6 times its weight in moisture, you can bid farewell to parched soil and welcome lush greenery into your garden.

Derived from sustainable, organic British straw, Slugless 4 in 1 x 20L embodies a commitment to eco-friendly practices without compromising on efficiency.

Spread: Begin by spreading Slugless pellets in a wide diameter around your plants, ensuring coverage extends at least one layer thick. This wider spread effectively creates a barrier against slugs and snails.

Water: Once the pellets are laid out, water the area generously to activate Slugless. Alternatively, allow natural rainfall to moisten the pellets, initiating their expansion process.

Expand: As the pellets absorb moisture, they will expand, forming a protective layer over the soil. Ensure all soil is covered by gently raking the expanded pellets to fill any gaps and create a uniform crust.

Maintain: Monitor the area regularly to ensure the protective crust remains intact. Reapply Slugless pellets as needed to reinforce the barrier against pests and maintain optimal soil health.

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