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Seed Tray Stand With 6 Trays

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Our seed stand is made from our 19mm aluminium tubing giving it a strong and durable frame. This seed stand is designed to hold 6 seed trays. The seed trays come either with drainage holes or sealed depending on your planting needs.

The three-tiered design allows ample space to get in and work without the need of taking the trays off. The legs come with protective feet to give it better friction and will stop scratching.

The aluminium material makes this product lightweight and easily portable for all ages. This structure can be easily taken down and stored away when not in use. You can use this in a conservatory, greenhouse or porch due to the tall slim design which takes up less space.

It is ideal for growing seedlings and germination. Each stand comes with its own seed trays which are a perfect fit for the stand, so there is no worry about finding the right size to fit or any chance of them falling out.

Why should I buy a seed tray stand?

  1. Organization: A seed tray stand can help keep seed trays organized and easily accessible, making it easier to keep track of different types of seeds and seedlings.

  2. Space-saving: A seed tray stand can help save space in a garden or greenhouse, as it allows multiple seed trays to be stacked vertically rather than taking up space on a flat surface.

  3. Ease of access: A seed tray stand can make it easier to access and care for seedlings and seeds, as it elevates the trays to a more convenient height.

  4. Improved drainage: Some seed tray stands have built-in drainage systems, which can help improve the drainage of excess water from the seed trays, helping to prevent root rot and other problems.

  5. Increased light exposure: By elevating seed trays off the ground, a seed tray stand can help increase the amount of light exposure that seedlings and seeds receive, which can be beneficial for their growth.

  6. Protection from pests: A seed tray stand can help protect seedlings and seeds from pests that may be present on the ground, such as slugs and snails.


Please note lids are also sold separately - Seed Tray Lids

Size: 0.987m X 0.25m x L 0.795m

Made from aluminium

Stand Size: H: 0.987m  X D:0.25m x W:0.795m 

Tray Size: Length 37.5cm x Width 23cm x Depth 6cm. The lid is 6.5cm (2.5") high.

Five options available, choose your option above:

Just stand - no trays

Stand with trays that have drainage holes

Stand with trays that have drainage holes and lids

Stand with trays that don't have drainage holes

Stand with trays that don't have drainage holes but has lids


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