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Complete House Rat and Mouse Pest Repeller

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The Complete House Mouse and Rat Repeller is an advanced pest control device designed to deter rodents from your property using a combination of ultrasonic and electromagnetic technologies without the need for traps or dangerous poisons.

How does it work?

Using a combination or ultrasound and electromagnetics the Complete House Mouse and Rat Repeller makes your home environment uncomfortable for your little visitor.

Ultrasonic Technology: The repeller emits ultrasonic waves, which are loud noises at high frequencies. These frequencies are too high for humans and most domestic pets to hear, but they are audible to rodents. The ultrasonic waves create an uncomfortable environment for rodents, making them less inclined to stay in the area.

Electromagnetic Technology: In addition to ultrasonic waves, the device utilises electromagnetic fields already around the existing wiring in your home. It is suggested that these fields create an environment that discourages rodents from nesting. Rodents are likely to move away from an area where they feel uncomfortable and unable to establish a nest. Most importantly the wiring around your home is generally in the wall cavity, under the floorboards or inside the loft space where vermin are most likely to nest.

Safe and Humane: The combined use of ultrasonic and electromagnetic technologies ensures that the repeller operates in a safe and humane manner. It provides an effective alternative to traditional methods of rodent control that may involve traps or poisons and utilising the wiring means the whole home can be covered. One device can cover an average 4 bed home or one ring main (approx.2000sqft) .

Just Rats and Mice? No, this device covers a number of frequencies that are proven to be effective against Spiders, cockroaches and ants too.

Effectiveness Timeline: The effectiveness of the Complete House Mouse and Rat Repeller is expected to manifest within a few days. Rodents, being highly sensitive to the ultrasonic frequencies, are likely to be deterred from the area. However, if rodents have already established a nest in your house, they may not desert their young until the offspring are old enough to move. This can be up to 30 days, so please ensure you keep the unit plugged in at all times for that initial 30 days period. Ensure all access to food stuffs have been removed.

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