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Small Metal Butterfly Wall Art Mixed Set

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Set of 3 Small Metal Butterfly Wall Art pieces in vibrant purple, orange and cyan hues, designed to infuse your indoor or outdoor space with lively charm.

Crafted from durable metal, these butterfly wall ornaments are both resilient and lightweight, making them perfect for adorning any wall in your home or garden. Their smaller size makes them suitable for spaces where larger butterflies may not fit, allowing you to add colour and vibrancy to even the smallest areas.

Easily mount these butterflies on any wall to create a dynamic display that breathes life into your patio or garden. Simply hang them on a protruding nail or screw and slide down to lock them in place (please note nail/screw is not included).

Let these vividly coloured butterflies transform your space into a cheerful oasis, inspiring joy and creativity wherever they flutter.

Dimensions per butterfly:

23cm x 15cm x 1cm

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