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Primrose Walk In Poultry House for 6 to 18 hens

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Looking for the ideal home for your poultry? 

The Primrose Walk in Poultry House was designed with the comfort and safety of your chickens, hens, ducks and other poultry in mind. 

The Primrose Walk in Poultry House is a modern chicken coop, suitable for up to 18 hens and can also house other types of poultry, such as ducks. 

Made from high quality wood, that will stand the test of time. 

Perfect for those of you with larger flocks of poultry. 

Primrose Walk in Poultry House Features

Appropriate for a maximum of 18 small hens or 8 Ducks, depending on breed

Coop & Run Measurements: Length: 275cm x Width: 180cm x Height: 180cm.

Coop Measurements: Width: 180cm Depth: 90cm Height: 180cm

Come with 4 internal nesting boxes

Featuring a central pop-hole, double rear doors and removeable perches.

A large door at the end of the run for easy access.

Ground design making it also suitable for ducks and other poultry

Supplied in sections on a large pallet for easy home assembly.

Construction requires roughly half a day and a cross head screwdriver, with a battery-operated one being the best option.

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