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Poultry Mite Powder 200g

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Poultry mites are a serious problem for chicken keepers. They feed on the blood of chickens, which can lead to anaemia, decreased egg production, and even death. Poultry mite powder is a highly effective solution for helping control mites and other crawling insects that may be harming your chickens.

This dustable biocide is made from fossilized diatoms, which have the ability to absorb the lipid layer of the arthropod chitin exoskeletons. This leads to the death of the harmful insects through desiccation. The active ingredient, Silicium dioxide/Kieselgur (diatomaceous earth), is a naturally occurring substance that is safe to use around your chickens.

To use the product, both dust application and liquid application are possible. You should locate the refuges of the red mite and coat them with a fine film of the product. 

The standard dosage is 30-50 g/m², and you should check the treated area after two days. If necessary, a new application will probably be necessary to control all mites. With regular use, poultry mite killer can help keep your chickens healthy and free from harmful mites.

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