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Pond Netting Kits

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These pond netting kits provide you with everything you need to protect your ponds. The 7mm x 5mm mesh size will prevent cats and birds from being able to eat your fish. It will also help keep debris and leaves from falling into your pond making light work of maintenance.

Each kit contains UV stabilised soft black netting and steel pegs to secure the netting. Simply hook around the netting and sink peg into the ground until it isn’t visible. If no ground is available then you may need to fasten the netting in a different way.

These kits are available in the following sizes:

2m x 5m and 10 steel pegs

3m x 4m and 12 steel pegs

3m x 6m and 18 steel pegs

4m x 5m and 20 steel pegs

Steel peg size: 22cm (9") long/2-3mm diameter


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