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Plum Slate Stone for The Garden Bulk Bag 850kg

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With its unique tinge of purple, plum slate is the ideal way to give your garden an incredible shimmer. Creating garden paths and borders out of this beautiful plum slate will level up your garden. The natural slate colour is deeper and richer when it rains, so you may even be wishing for a drop or two when your plum slate chippings arrive.

This 40mm plum slate is ideal for ground cover, filling in gaps, rock gardens, flower beds, raised beds and even aquatic use, as this plum slate is fish friendly. 

The plum slate used here is flat angular Welsh slate that will never oxidise and will maintain its striking colour forever. The flatness of this plum slate provides better ground coverage than other shapes of plum slate. The average size of this plum slate ranges from 30-50mm, making this an average of 40mm plum slate.

For best results lay the plum slate 5-6cm deep, this plum slate is also suitable for walking on. 

Please note: As this is a naturally sourced plum slate the colour, shape and size may vary from bag to bag. 

40mm Plum Slate FAQs

What Is Plum Slate?

Slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock, which develops due to the repetition of metamorphic rock laying. Plum slate is called such because of its plum colour

Why Does My Plum Slate Look Grey?

Because slate is naturally sourced there can be some naturally occurring grey slate stones amongst the plum slate stones.

What Colour Is Plum Slate?

Plum slate is plum coloured or purple. Plum slate has a distinctive purple hue which intensifies during rain. 

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