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Cast Iron Planter Caddy Large

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Our durable, weather resistant metal plant caddies come complete with wheels to make is easy to move your potted plants around the garden. Manufactured from cast iron then powder coated, designed to reduce staining to patios from watering residue, reduce frost damage by raising the planter above the ground which also increases drainage and helps prevent plants from becoming water-logged.

Available in three different colours: Black, Brown, and White.

The large planter caddy has a confirmed load bearing weight of 136 kilograms or 300 pounds making it an essential tool for any proactive gardener wanting to adjust the position of those well-loved potted plants through the seasons. These heavy-duty planter caddies feature 4 hard-wearing wheels.

The reinforced wheels are strengthened by metal plates screwed to the top and the bottom of the base plate. Featuring a rugged locking system, these wheels are durable and manufactured to be damage resistant.

These plant caddies work great on patios or decking, anywhere where there is a flat surface for it to be adjusted.


43cm Diameter

Raises Pots 8cm off the ground.

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