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LED Plant Booster Light

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Give your plants a stimulating boost with the indoor plant booster LED grow lights. LED grow lights can stimulate plant growth, germination and flowering, and overall boost your plants health. The LED grow light is ideal for any plants that don't get enough light throughout the day.

LED grow lights are by far and away the most efficient and effective way to boost plant growth. LED grow lights use low amounts of energy and don't produce too much heat. 

Although all colours of light will help plants grow, the indoor plant booster combines red and blue grow lights for optimal plant growth. Blue grow lights are likelier to support plant growth, while red grow light will encourage flowering. The bigger spectrum of lighting colours you can provide your house plant the better as this will mimic their natural settings. 

In order for a grow light to be effective they need to be close to the plant. The indoor plant booster LED grow light has a white tripod stand and a moveable head, so you can place the light where you need it without being too close and burning the plant. 

The indoor plant booster LED grow light has a timer function, meaning you can set it to be on for as long or as short as you need, and copy the suns movements.

The indoor plant boost LED grow light specifications: 

- Variable blue & red light to optimise growth

- 400-700nm (Photosynthetic Active Radiation Wavelengths)

- Time Function

- 20 x Low energy consumption LEDs

- Power 7W

- Height adjustable tripod (White)

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