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Mini Pea and Bean Frame

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The Gardening Naturally mini pea and bean frame is the ideal pea and bean support frame for any garden. Especially those without the space for a larger pea and bean frame. Made from our strong 19mm aluminium tubing making it perfect for peas, beans, courgettes, and cucumbers.

Do you need a frame for peas and beans?

Peas and beans can be some of the highest yielding plants for your garden. Peas and runner beans grow vertically so they require some solid support if they are going to reach the heights needed.

The Gardening Naturally mini pea and bean frame is the ideal way to save space and give your peas and beans the help they need to grow vertically.

Step 1: Add the tube clips into 4 of the 19mm x 1.5m poles.

Step 2: Insert two 1.5m poles into the ground on an angle creating an A shape. Repeat this process twice around, a pole’s width apart.

Step 3: With the last pole, lay across the top of the A shapes. This will fit into the upright tube clips of the A-frame and secure it in place.

Step 4: Push the complete frame into the ground, at least 300mm for stability.

Step 5: Lay the jute netting over the frame. Trim or bury any of the excess jute netting.

Step 6: Secure the jute netting to the poles with the 19mm pipe clips and steel pegs to secure the netting to the soil.

The angle of the frame can be flexible so you can decide how wide or narrow you would like it.

Recommended Height: 1.3m x Length 1.5m.

What comes with the mini pea and bean frame?

5 x 1.5m Aluminium tubing

4 x Upright Tube Clip

Jute Netting 2 x 5m

15 x Pipe Clips 19mm

8 Steel Pegs

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