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Pea and Runner Bean Frame - 2m Long

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Grow peas and beans confidently with our simple yet effective pea and bean frame. Perfect for runner beans, French beans, mange tout, sweet peas, cucumbers, sweet peas or any other climbing vegetable or flower.

What comes with the pea and runner bean frame?

The pea and bean frame comes complete with everything you need to get you started. Including aluminium tubes, joiners, jute netting and netting clips.

Who are pea & bean frames for?

Pea & bean frames are ideal for anyone with new or emerging pea & bean plants. Providing them support to grow vertically early on in their life cycle is vital. Pea & bean frames will provide this support ensuring they grow the right way and strongly.

Coming with Jute netting will provide extra support, but also protection against birds or other animals that may try to eat the plant.

What size is the pea and bean frame?

The upright poles for the pea and bean frame are 2m in length and are pushed into the soil around 20cm which keeps the frame secure.

Height 1.8m x 2m Length. The width in the image is approx. 80cm but this is flexible, so you increase/decrease the width to whatever you require.

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How to build pea and bean frame?

Step 1: Insert the tube clips into 4 of the 19mm x 2m poles

Step 2: Insert two 2m poles into the ground on an angle creating an A shape. Repeat this twice, around a pole’s width apart.

Step 3: With the last pole, lay this across the top of the A shape. This will fit into the upright tube clips of the A frame and secure in place.

Step 4: Push the complete frame into the ground at least 200mm for stability.

Step 5: Lay the jute netting over the frame. Trim or bury any excess netting. Secure the jute netting to the poles with the 19mm pipe clips, and steel pegs to secure the netting to the soil.

Once these steps are complete. You will have a finished and ready to use pea and bean frame.


5 x 2m Tubes (19mm)

4 x 19mm Door Uprights

1 x Jute Netting

20 x Clips for securing netting to aluminium

8 x Steel Pegs for securing netting to the soil

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