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Organic Superfood Plant Pellets 800g

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Our organic superfood is designed to provide a complete package of essential nutrients that can help all plant types thrive, no matter the soil type or external conditions.

Our 6 in 1 booster not only supports plants during stress conditions such as heat, drought, and overwatering, but it also strengthens the plant to help resist disease attacks, resulting in up to 2x crop yields and bigger, brighter blooms. These superfood pellets provide a slow release of nutrients for long-lasting support and improved water retention.

These pellets are manufactured in a sustainable way and one 800g pack can feed up to 40 plants, making it an ideal and cost-effective option for gardeners who value organic growing.

The organic superfood All Plants is suitable for use on all plants, and with its natural bio-stimulants, magnesium, and organic matter, it is an ideal feed for organic growing.

To use the pellets, mix in 2 tablespoons/30ml for every 3 litres of soil/compost, ensuring you water gently after planting. For potting up seedlings, mix in 2 tablespoons/30ml for every 3 litres of potting compost and water in lightly. For established pots and containers, add 1/2 tablespoon/7.5ml to the top layer of soil/compost, mix in gently, and water. For larger pots, increase the amount by 7.5 ml per litre.

For transplanting flowers, fruit, or vegetables, sprinkle the required amount into the dug hole, transplant, and water in. Flowers require 1 tablespoon/15ml, shrubs need 2-3 tablespoons/30-45ml, and trees require 3-4 tablespoons/45-60ml.

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