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Organic Houseplant Foliage Mister

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Our Organic Houseplant Foliage Mist is a specially formulated mist that will keep your indoor plants healthy and thriving. Made with all-organic ingredients, this natural mist is safe for use around children and pets. It is designed to provide essential nutrients and natural hydration to your plants' leaves, promoting growth and improving overall houseplant health.

Our natural Organic Houseplant Foliage Mist is easy to use, simply spray it onto the leaves of your houseplants. The natural mist is absorbed by the leaves, providing them with the necessary nourishment and hydration they need to thrive. This organic mist is perfect for use on a variety of indoor houseplants, including ferns, succulents, cacti, herbs, and more.

Our unique formula contains a blend of natural, organic ingredients known for their nourishing properties, and they help to improve the overall health of your plants.

Our Organic Houseplant Foliage Mist is a great natural choice for anyone who wants to keep their indoor plants healthy and thriving without the use of harmful chemicals. It is easy to use, natural and safe for use around children and pets, and eco-friendly.

-Plants absorb the organic fertiliser and micro-nutrients directly through leaves
-For vibrant, healthier, and faster-growing plants
-For natural use all year round
-Child and pet safe

This Organic Houseplant Foliage Mist is a child and pet safe nutrient-rich foliar mist which enables your houseplants to absorb natural fertiliser and micro-nutrients directly through their leaves quickly. This results in greener leaves and a healthier, faster-growing plant.

250ml spray bottle (recycled plastic)

Spray our natural organic mist onto your houseplants, three times a week in early morning or late evening to avoid scorched leaves by direct sunlight. Spray the natural mist gently from a distance of around 30cm away from the leaves.

250ml spray bottle (recycled plastic)

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