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Oaklands Poultry House for up to 6 hens

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The Oaklands Poultry House is the essential chicken house for those who want to keep a low number of hens.

Easy to use, maintain, and clean. The Oaklands Poultry House makes hen-keeping an experience easy.

The Oaklands Poultry House, is the ideal coop for a beginner hen rearer, as it's specifically designed for a small number of chickens, there's no chance to become overwhelmed. 

It include the chicken coop and a small run for your chickens or hens to scratch and peck in.

Oaklands Poultry House Features:

External dimensions: Length: 189cm x Width at base: 136cm x Height: 119cm

Suitable for 6 hens

Double nest box

Drop down ramp for hens to access the run from the house.

Provided in sections on a large pallet for easy home construction.

Construction takes around half a day and requires a cross head screwdriver, ideally a battery-operated one.

Chicken & hen coop FAQs

Can I leave a broody hen in the coop?

Yes, you can leave a broody hen in the coop with the other members for the flock. However, there are some things to consider when doing this. If you do leave her there you will need to mark the eggs, so they don't get confused with other eggs. It's also a good idea to create a separate area for a broody hen in the coop itself, just to protect the chick and the hen.

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