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Natural Bug & Mildew Control

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The Ecofective bug and mildew control is the fantastic pesticide-free alternative to use on both indoor and outdoor plants. Ideal for fruit, vegetables and flowers. Safe to use around pets, children, bees and other wildlife too.

The bug and mildew control is highly effective when used regularly, against powdery mildew by washing the foliage removing the active mildew spores.

This ready to use natural spray will also assist in controlling a wide range of insect pests including whitefly, red spider mite, aphids, scale and psyllid insects, mealybugs and many more! It works by preventing the bugs from moving and therefore, they are unable to feed.

A bonus is this product also contains ingredients that assist plants in their growth giving you better blooms and improved fruit and vegetables

Comes in a 1 litre RTU spray bottle.

How to use:
Apply early morning or late evening and always do a test patch before fully applying to make sure the plants can withstand the application.
To avoid scorching, do not apply in direct sunlight. 
Make sure you shake the bottle well before use and that the nozzle is in the on position when using spray applicators. Apply to the upper and lower leaf surfaces thoroughly. 
Make sure the nozzle is back in the off position after use. 
Apply weekly to keep pests at bay.
The Ecofective bug and mildew if perfect for use on ornamental and edible plants.

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