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Mo Bacter Instant 2 Litre

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Mo Bacter Instant Moss Remover is 100% natural and can destroy moss within 24 hours. Safe to use around children, pets and wildlife, it can be applied using a watering can with a fine rose or a sprayer, making it the ideal treatment solution. The 2 litre bottle will treat a 250 sqm area and make 20 litres of solution. 


Use between February and November and shake well before mixing 1 part concentrate with 9 parts water. Use when the soil is moist and when rain and frost is not expected. Mo Bacter can be applied any time, even directly after mowing. 


The moss will turn brown (usually after 24 hours at 12 degrees celsius) and can then be raked out. If you're reseeding your lawn, this can be done immediatley after the dead moss have been raked out of the lawn. 

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