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Mini Sunflower Grow Pot

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This complete gardening kit includes everything your child or grandchild needs to grow beautiful mini sunflowers.
A thoughtful kit for your child or grandchild to teach them how to grow and care for plants.

This fun, interactive mini sunflower grow kit is perfect for children aged 3-11 years to learn through planting and growing.
Easy to use kit, just plant the seed, decorate the pot with the stickers included and watch the mini sunflowers bloom. The same pot included in this grow kit can be used from seed to maturity.

Benefits of children learning to garden with this grow kit
Gardening is a form of exercise
Helps improve mood and develop patience
Children can get close to nature
This kit allows you to spend quality time together
Helps support sensory growth in children
This kit teaches care and responsibility
Children can learn about the seasons
Can support and develop teamwork and social skills
This kit is an enjoyable and interactive way for children to learn

Kit contains: Mini sunflower seeds, compost, plastic pot and stickers
Pot height: 15cm approx.

How to use
Step 1: Remove the sleeve of the mini sunflower grow kit and take out the seed sachet and stickers, then fill the pot with the compost.
Step 2: In March to May, sow the mini sunflower seeds and cover with 1.5cm of compost. Place the pot on a warm windowsill. Keep moist. Use the stickers to decorate your pot.
Step 3: When the seedlings are large enough to handle, remove the weaker ones, leaving the 3 strongest to grow on. Removed seedlings can be transplanted into other pots to grow on. Keep compost moist.
Step 4: In late May, put the mini sunflower pot outside during the day and bring it in again at night. Do this for a week to get the plants used to outside conditions, before leaving in a sunny sheltered place outside.
Step 5: Look out for the bright mini sunflowers that will grow from August to October.

Top tip:
Mini sunflowers are thirsty plants. Make sure the compost is always kept damp.

Kit contains: Mini sunflower seeds, compost, plastic pot and stickers
Pot height: 15cm approx.

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