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Mini Greenhouse Growhouses

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A growhouse is the perfect structure to nurture and grow seedlings and generally young plants. A growhouse is perfect for anyone that may lack space for a traditional greenhouse, but still wants to mimic the environment that a greenhouse is able to create. 

Growhouses are designed for use on a patio, gravel, you can even place the growhouse up against an uneven wall or a fence if you wish. These full-sized growhouses are suitable for growing taller plants such as tomatoes, it's also ideal for seed trays and plant pots. 

The grow house is available in two different size lengths 4ft & 6ft. Both growhouses measure 4ft 11 inches in height and have a depth of 2ft 2 inches. 

These growhouses are sturdy and robust, with the structure being made from aluminium, and the glass being reinforced safety glass. 

The growhouses will include ground fixing and anchorage. 

The 4ft Growhouse contains 2 narrow and 2 wide shelves, where as the 6ft contains 3 narrow and 3 wide shelves.

What is a growhouse?

A growhouse is essentially a small version of a greenhouse. Growhouses offer the ideal growing environment for flowers and vegetables you may not be able to grow otherwise, such as exotic flowers or tropical fruits. 

Growhouses are also useful in protecting fragile plants from the winter, and they can also extend the growing season. 

How to use a growhouse?

As mentioned, you can use a growhouse to start flowers and vegetables earlier than you'd otherwise be able to. A growhouse also allows you to shield tender plants from the elements over winter. 

You can use your growhouse all-year round to sow, plant, prune and dig all kinds of vegetables and flowers.

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