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Metal Chicken Run

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The metal chicken run is perfect for those new to raising chickens and the very experienced. 

Spacious metal chicken & hen runs, in various sizes, to give your chickens the space they need to roam.  The chicken run has a large door for easy access and strong PVC coated mesh with a weather shade for half of the chicken run.

The chicken & hen run is rust resistant due to the metal being coated with a dark green PVC blend.

What is a chicken run?

A chicken or hen run is fenced in space you can give to your chickens, either as an extension to their coop or as a separate area.

Chickens & hens can sometimes fly up to 4ft and clear a small open run, this won’t be an issue as the metal run is enclosed, giving you peace of mind.

What is the difference between a chicken run and a chicken coop?

The coop is for sleeping and laying eggs, the run is an outdoor living space, where they can sunbathe, roll in the dust, forage in the grass or scratch around in the dirt. The more space you can give your hens the better.

Why do chickens need a run?

Chickens & hens are the ancestors of wild birds, meaning that it is their instinct to flock, forage, and roam. It’s important to foster this kind of behaviour in chickens. If you do not have the space to allow them to be free-range, then a run is essential to give them the outdoor time they need.

Chickens & hens, like humans, need essential nutrients from the sun. They will also get this from the grass, small insects, and food that you give them.

Research shows that hens who can scratch and forage outside, give eggs that are higher in Beta Carotene, Vitamin E and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, than chickens that spend the best part of their time indoors. 

Runs may also provide better protection from predators than leaving chickens to roam freely outside

How big should a run be for chickens?

The size of your run will depend on how many hens & chickens you have. A good rule to follow is: 1 square metre per bird. So, for example if you have 3 chickens or hens, we recommend the 3m x 3m chicken run.

The chicken run is sent for home assembly. To assemble you will need to the connect the frame sections together. The mesh comes on a roll which is cut and fitted to the frame by the customer, full instructions are provided on delivery.

The chicken run comes with pegs to help anchor it to the ground. However, it is recommend that you use some heavy duty anchors, or galvanised steel pegs in higher winds, or uncovered locations.


38mm Tubes, surface coated.

Standard 20mm hole metal chicken mesh, coated in dark green pvc

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