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Lawn Turfing Topsoil 10mm Bulk Bag 750kg

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Lawn and turfing topsoil is specially designed to work perfectly under turf. This topsoil contains a much higher quantity of nutrients than screened topsoil making it perfect for anyone that wants to create that perfect lawn. The topsoil's blend of four-parts natural soil to one-part organic compost is a magic mixture which will give any new lawn the right amount of nutrients to grow strongly. 

This topsoil is screened to 10mm and is regarded by gardeners as having the best quality for growing plants and lawns. This topsoil is screened to remove larger stones. 

The topsoil contains organic matter which improves the soil by slowly releasing nutrients and minerals as well as improve the soil structure and retain moisture in the topsoil. 

The application of topsoil is simple, apply the topsoil to the ground and smooth over before laying turf over the topsoil. 

This lawn topsoil is natural, fertile and nutrient dense. The topsoil pH is 6.8 - 7 and 100% peat free. 

Lawn Topsoil FAQs

How much topsoil do I need?

The amount of topsoil you need will depend on the area you are trying to cover.  The simplest way to work this out is to measure the dimensions of the area you wish to cover and multiply this by the depth required. To simplify this process, measure in metres as this will give you the volume of topsoil needed in cubic metres. For example: For an area of 10m by 15m you will need 150mm of topsoil. 

Should I mix grass seed with topsoil when overseeding?

Apply 2-3cm of topsoil before laying down grass seed as the new shoots won't be able to break through the surface of the topsoil. Grass seeds are small and are fragile in the germination stage. You could end up suffocating the grass seedlings before they have a chance to grow. So yes, it is important that grass seeds are mixed with the topsoil. 

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