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Lawn Care Granules 22KG

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Introducing our lawn care granules, this natural volcanic marvel is teeming with a bounty of nutrients, trace elements, and soluble silicic acids, fortifying your lawn from root to tip. Lawn care granules, with their carefully selected blend of essential minerals and trace elements, actively promote lush green grass by enhancing soil fertility, nutrient availability, water retention, and soil aeration.  

Volcanoes have a high content of zeolites that are full of cavities where microbes can attach and act. The microbial life in the cavities also binds nutrients. In this way, nutrients are preserved in the soil and become available when plants and crops need them most. In summary, this leads to a sustainable and long-term effect.

The long-term benefits are substantial, acting as a sustained fertiliser to fortify soil nutrient supply over an extended duration. Simultaneously, these granules enhance soil structure, mitigating erosion and elevating overall soil quality.  This will reduce the growth of moss and weeds.

How does it work?

Unlike conventional fertilisers fixated solely on NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium), our formula recognises the pivotal role of trace elements often overlooked in traditional soil treatments. By incorporating Vulkamin granules into your soil regimen, you're not just feeding your plants; you're nourishing the entire ecosystem. Enzymes, vitamins, and essential amino acids become readily available, empowering your crops to flourish with vitality.

Contains zinc, titanium, cobalt, and boron. These play a major role in the formation of proteins and enzymes for plant fertility, immune system, and growth.

What sets these lawn care granules apart is their organic farming approval, complying with European Directives 834/2007 and 889/2008.

22 kg bags supplied.

The recommended dosage is 3kg per 10 m2 of lawn.  Simply sprinkle the granules evenly over the lawn then water.

For best results we recommend applying once in Spring and once again in the Autumn.

For optimal results, apply in Spring and Autumn with a recommended dosage of 30kg/100m² for lawns or 3kg/10m². Sprinkle evenly and water for a lawn that radiates health and vibrancy.

Remineralise your lawn, promoting health and vitality for your green space. With a pH level of 11, these granules boast a composition of key elements, including Zinc, Boron, Copper, Cobalt, and Molybdenum, as well as key components like Silicon, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Iron, Sulfur, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese, and Titanium.

Key Elements (per 1000 g): Zinc 760, Boron 0.1, Copper 11.5, Cobalt 6.5, Molybdenum 9.

Key Components (per 1000 g): Silicon 48.2%, Calcium 8.3%, Potassium 5.1%, Sodium 5.9%, Iron 4.1%, Sulfur 0.1%, Magnesium 1%, Phosphorus 0.2%, Manganese 0.2%, Titanium 0.4%.

pH Level: 11

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