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Large Bat Box

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Introducing a draft-proof, bat nest box designed to help bats in your local area. This wildlife house is easy to install and comes with a bat-friendly grooved ladder. Simply attach it to a tree or wall in your garden with a nail.

Having a bat house in your garden not only provides a safe and secure environment for bats, but it also helps to control the population of flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths, and beetles. These pests can be a food source for bats, which can reduce their presence in your garden.

This wildlife house is especially beneficial for female bats to raise their young. Many bat species only have one pup per season, which can slow down population growth. The interior of the bat house is designed to mimic the narrow and bumpy spaces between tree trunks and bark that bats are known to roost in.

To ensure the best placement for your bat house, it should be placed at least 4 metres above ground level, away from artificial lights, and in a sheltered area with a sunny aspect to provide heat. It is recommended to place the house facing South, South-East or South-West. Bats navigate using dark tree outlines and hedge borders, so placing the bat house near these features can help them locate it more easily.

It's important to note that bats are a protected species in the UK, do not open, relocate, or disturb a bat house once bats have taken up residence. If you see bats in your area, the best time to observe them is just before dusk between April and November. They tend to hibernate during the winter months.

Additionally, it is important not to paint the bat house as bats are sensitive to artificial chemicals and toxins.

This wildlife house is made of natural wood, with a timber frame and a metal entrance slit of 20mm. It measures 28.5cm in height, 18cm in width, and 13cm in depth, and weighs 0.68kg. You may also consider looking at our insect houses, which can provide a home for other beneficial bugs that can help control pests in the garden.

Please refer to for more detailed information about bat conservation.

Height: 28.5cm
Width: 18cm
Depth: 13cm
Weight: 0.68kg
Entrance slit: 20mm
Material: Timber, natural wood, metal
Colour: Natural wood

How to install:
This garden wildlife house is simple to install, just affix to chosen spot with a nail.

Bat facts:
The most widespread British bat is the Pipistrelle bat, weighing around 5g.
Just one Pipistrelle can consume up to 3,000 insects over one night.
Pipistrelle’s have an average wingspan of 20cm, in spite of their miniature body.

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