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Jam Making Gift Set From Gardening Naturally

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Make your own jam, chutneys and preserves at home today. Kit includes 30cm lightweight aluminium maslin pan, the maslin pan has a diameter of 30cm, has a depth of 14cm and holds 8 liters. wide neck funnel, 6 x 280ml jam jars & gingham red and white lids, thermometer, funnel and 10 labels. The funnel is made of stainless steel, making it easy to clean and long lasting.

The wide mouth (10cm) makes it easy to fill jars with jam or chutney. The base hole is just 3.5cm so it fits most jars even small ones. Cooks Kitchen Thermometer Top-quality stainless-steel thermometer ideal for confectionery, frying and jam making. Indicates temperature over the range of 40 to 200°C and 100 to 400°F in 2°C/°F. The thermometer has a handy clip on the back so you can attach it to the pan and not risk it falling in.

The thermometer’s scale is clearly marked for hard crack, soft crack, hard ball, soft ball, thread, jam, caramel, sterilising and deep fry. The thermometer's stainless-steel casing incorporates a retaining clip and measures 50 x 240 mm plus a 65 mm plastic handle.

Simply insert the thermometer into the liquid or food being measured and read the temperature. Hexagonal Jam Jars Pack of 6 280ml hexagonal jars for chutneys and preserves. Complete with red and white gingham lids. Jam Jar Labels Pack of 10 labels for your homemade jam or preserves.

Comes packaged in a labelled box.


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