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Indoor Plant Watering System

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If you've ever worried about your house plants when you've gone on holiday, then the indoor plant watering system is the perfect item for you. Gone are the days of struggling to get a friend or family member to remember to water your plants, have a watering system do it for you. 

The indoor plant watering system provides controlled watering for 12 days and is perfect for when you've gone on holiday or are generally away from your home for a few days. 

The indoor plant watering system has 4 x 9cm spikes meaning you can water 4 house plants at the same time. It couldn't be easier to set up, you simply need to push the watering system spike down to the root of your house plant and place the colourful wicking cord in a container of water. The larger the container of water you use, the longer it will continue to water your plants. 

The indoor watering system will drip water directly to the root of your indoor house plant, meaning that it slowly and surely gets the correct amount of water.

The indoor watering system is also ideal for anyone who may from time to time forget to water their plants. With the watering system, you don't have to remember as frequently as the watering system does it for you.

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