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Indoor Plant Watering Kit

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The indoor plant care kit will help you to look after your houseplants, and make sure they don't wither, it is ideal for anyone new to owning houseplants. The indoor plant care kit helps you look after your plants when you are at home, and waters them while you are away. 

Including a houseplant care guide, a LED light up moisture sensor and an automatic watering system, the indoor plant care kit has everything you need to take proper care of your houseplants. 

The indoor plant care kit is ideal for anyone spending a period away from their house, such as a holiday, as the automatic watering system will provide 12 days of watering for two house plants. Featuring 2 x 9cm spikes, that you push in towards the root of the plant, the watering system will drip water to plants once you have placed the cords into water. The larger the container of water the longer your plants will be watered for. This watering system regulates the moisture flow to 2 plants. 

The indoor plant care kit is also the perfect gift for the person in your life that forgets or doesn't know how often to water their lifeless houseplant. The LED light up moisture sensor will guide them on how and when to water their plants. The LED moisture sensor will flash red if their houseplant requires water and green if the houseplants soil has the optimal water content. Similarly, to the watering system, push the 10cm spike into the soil, close to the root of the house plants, the moisture sensor will then indicate if the soil has the correct amount of moisture. 

Please note: The LED moisture sensor requires 1 x AAA battery which is not included. 

Pots and plants not included.

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