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Cress Growing Kit for Children

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Get your children and grandchildren gardening with the indoor cress kit. The indoor cress kit is a great tool to teach children how to sow seeds and care for them after. A simple piece of gardening like the indoor cress kit can help foster a love of the outdoors and natural world from a young age. 

Spend quality time and share a passion with your children and grandchildren as they learn how to plant and nurture their own miniature garden. 

The colourful characters will entice children to want to spend time looking after their garden. 

The indoor garden cress kit comes complete with: 

- Garden Scene

- Plastic Tray

- Grow Mat - Made from 100% recycled material

- Cress Seeds

- Character Sheet

The benefits of gardening with children

Spending time outside is vital for early years development. Outdoor time gives them fresh air and keeps them active - it can also teach them vital life lessons and spark a life-long passion. Gardening in particular can teach them so many valuable lessons. 

Gardening can:

- Encourage children to care about the natural world 

- Encourages healthy eating, specifically eating vegetables they've grown

- Teaches responsibility, patience and care

- Teaches children about the seasons, and early science lessons about how plants grow and how the world works

- Gardening can help develop social skills and teamwork ability


This is not a toy

Not suitable for children under 3 

Parental Supervision is recommended

Step 1: Remove contents, leave tray & mat in place in box

Step 2: Cut off tabs, cut out path and characters & stick in garden

Step 3: Moisten the mat well

Step 4: Sow cress seeds generously on mat

Step 5: Place on windowsill, keep moist, do not let mat dry out

Step 6: cut the cress with scissors when 5cm, wash before use

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