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Horticultural Sand Moist Bulk Bag 950kg

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Top quality lime free Leighton Buzzard silica grade horticultural sand. This sand is perfect for adding to clay soils or compost to further the drainage qualities, it can also be used for anyone that has excessive water on their lawns after spiking. 

This Leighton Buzzard horticultural sand is also perfect for breaking up heavy soil and has many other potential uses including general labouring purposes, for sports surfaces and for fine turf. This Leighton Buzzard horticultural sand is clean natural and additive free.

Approx. 950kg per bulk bag. 

What Is Horticultural Sand? 

Horticultural sand or gardening sand is made from crushed quartz, smashed granite or sandstone. It has a very gritty texture containing both large and small grains of sand. Gardening sand is often used to improve soil drainage, especially clay soils which don't drain as efficiently. 

Horticultural sand can also be used as a starting medium for starting seeds or roots without using soil. Because the texture of gardening sand is so much looser than soil it actively aids the promotion of germination. The air circulation provided can also be beneficial to young seedlings. 

What is Leighton Buzzard Horticultural Sand?

Leighton Buzzard horticultural sand is unsurprisingly sand from Leighton Buzzard. Sand from this area of the world is particularly prized because of its high silica sand content and its grain shape. This makes it ideal for a multitude of uses including water filtration for drinking water, horticultural and gardening uses and even golf courses. 

Leighton Buzzard sand is known as 'silver sand' and has limited availability in the UK and overseas, however you can get some of the highest quality most sought after horticultural sand in the world - right here.

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