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Hillside Poultry House for up to 30 hens

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Hillside Poultry House for up to 30 hens.

This large coop is made for the experienced poulterer, anyone with a large flock, or someone who just wants a coop that's going to give their chickens & hens ample space to roam.  

This tall coop has a large door, making it accessible to humans 

Features of Hillside Poultry House:

Built using high quality, pressure treated redwood.

12mm cladding as standard and a 16mm Tongue and Groove floor means this coop will last many years.

Length: 180cm x Width: 180cm x Height: 180cm (Coop Size). 

Total width is 245cm with the nest boxes.

Two treble nest boxes one down each side resulting in easy collection of eggs.

Suitable for approx. 25 to 36 hen, if you have a small breed of hen such as a bantam.

Large door at the front and two pop holes.

There are also 6 removeable perches for easy cleaning.

Ventilation is provided by vents at the head and the tail end of the coop.

Supplied in sections on a large pallet for easy home assembly.

Construction, which will require approximately half a day. You'll need a cross head screwdriver, with a battery-powered one being ideal.

Chicken & hen coop FAQs

Why are my hens staying in the coop?

Chickens & hens can be nervous creatures, and whilst in the long run it’s nice to provide them with a brand-new poultry house, they can be anxious in new surroundings. Give your chickens or hens some time to acclimatise to their new surroundings and they should become a little braver and start exploring. 

Chickens & hens can also be finicky regarding the weather. Chickens don’t enjoy the bitter cold or wetter weather. Because you've provided them such a nice house with the Hillside Poultry House, they may be reluctant to leave. If you still want them to use a chicken run, in inclement weather, then consider covering their run to protect from the wind and rain.

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