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Hedgehog Food Cotswold Granaries 950g

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Hedgehog food, nutritionally dense, all-natural energy-packed dry feed for hungry garden hedgehogs. Encourage wildlife into your garden.

Why Hedgehog Granaries dry and not pet food?

With a dry, crunchy texture, the Hedgehog Granaries Food helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.

This dry kibble, unlike wet cat or dog food does not attract cats or bothersome flies.

These dry biscuits are also freeze-proof so can be placed in the garden all year round. Perfect for your wildlife visitors.

What’s in the Hedgehog Granaries Food?

This specially designed dry, hedgehog food, contains all natural ingredients such as; poultry, maize, rice, yeast and whole linseed.

No artificial flavours, colours or added sugar, just wonderfully wholesome wildlife feed.

How suitable is the Hedgehog Granaries Food?

It is suitable for adults and weaned hoglets.

Unlike cat and dog feed, Hedgehog Granaries Food is low odour, making it less attractive to curious cats in your garden.

The kibble is also wildlife friendly as its safe for garden birds.

It’s a good idea to leave out clean water for wildlife, alongside any feed you put out in your garden.

Try our frost-resistant Hedgehog Water Bowl.

Just add some tasty kibble to a shallow bowl and place in a quite corner of your garden. 

Why not try our frost-resistant Hedgehog Water Bowl.

It’s recommended to place fresh, clean water alongside any feed you put out.


950g bag of kibble

Fully home and garden compostable, and resealable packaging, Made from starch and plant fibres. Even the zipper and clear window will breakdown in your compost bin. No harm to wildlife.

Zero plastic and zero waste.

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