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Heavy Duty Black Weed Control Fabric

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Weed control fabric, also known as landscape fabric or weed barrier, is a synthetic material used in landscaping and gardening to suppress the growth of weeds. It is often used in flower beds, vegetable gardens, and around trees and shrubs to help keep the area looking neat and tidy by preventing weeds from sprouting.

The fabric allows water, air, and nutrients to pass through to the soil, while blocking sunlight and preventing weed seeds from germinating. It can be used as an alternative to herbicides or as a way to reduce the amount of herbicides needed in the garden. It can also help to conserve moisture in the soil by reducing evaporation.

Available in 1m and 2m widths this heavy Duty 102g/m2 ground control fabric made from woven polypropylene. 250mm grid markings and UV stabilised.

Ideal for use on driveways and paths, under gravel.

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