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Garden Hand Trowel

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This hand trowel is a must-have tool for any gardener or landscaper. With a compact size of 85mm in length, 288mm in width and 46mm in height, this trowel is designed for ease of use and storage. The trowel features graduation markings in centimetres, making it a handy tool for measuring soil, compost, or other materials.

Whether you're transplanting young plants, filling containers, or just need to measure out a specific amount of soil or compost, this hand trowel is the perfect tool for the job. The durable construction ensures that it will last for seasons to come, making it a great investment for your gardening tools. Get the job done with precision and ease with this hand trowel.

The hand trowel is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks in the garden including:

Transplanting plants: The hand trowel can be used to easily transfer plants from one location to another, helping to reduce the risk of damaging roots during the transplanting process.

Filling containers: The trowel is the perfect size for filling pots, planters, and window boxes with soil or compost. The graduation markings help to ensure that you add the right amount of soil or compost to each container.

Measuring soil: The graduation markings in centimetres make it easy to measure out the right amount of soil or compost for various tasks.

Mixing soil and compost: The hand trowel can be used to mix soil and compost together, creating the perfect growing environment for your plants.

Gardening on the go: The compact size of the hand trowel makes it easy to take with you on the go, whether you're gardening at home or on the road.

Landscaping: The hand towel is also useful for landscaping tasks, such as creating mounds or hills, or adding decorative rock to your garden.

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