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Cold Frame Small, Half Wall

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The value half wall cold frame is the perfect structure for gardeners that have limited space but need to protect their crops from the elements. The half wall cold frame acts as a small greenhouse and is designed to fit against a wall or fence taking up minimal space, whilst still having enough room for plenty of pots and plants. 

The half wall cold frame is available in two sizes, 4ft long and 6ft long, and has a height of 2ft 8 inches with a depth of 2ft 1 inch. It contains 3mm thick reinforced safety glass and an aluminium structure, meaning that this half wall cold frame will resist even the worst of the elements. 

The 4ft long half wall cold frame contains 1 wide and 1 narrow seed tray shelf and the 6ft long contains two of each. 

The half wall cold frames do allow for an auto louvre to be used; however, this will only leave you enough space of the narrow shelves and not the wider shelves. 

What are cold frames? 

Cold frames act as mini greenhouses in that they are the perfect place to protect young seedlings and plants from the harsh frosts of winter. They have many benefits including size, cost and the fact that they are portable, meaning you can move them to sunnier spots in your garden as the seasons change. The design of the half wall cold frame means that you won't lose accessibility, but obviously you won't be able to walk inside, as you would with a traditional greenhouse. 

Main uses of a cold frame

- Protecting hibernating plants

- Giving plants a head start

- Adapting or hardening off young plants

- Extending the growing season.

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