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Growhouse Half-Sized

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If you're looking at space saving options for your garden, then a half growhouse is perfect for you. The half growhouse is called half simply because it is half the size of a regular growhouse, this means you can protect plenty of your crops and flowers, whilst only using a fraction of the space. 

What is a growhouse?

A growhouse is essentially a mini greenhouse, acting in the same way to trap heat and warmth, and providing a more suitable environment to your young seedlings. 

It has several advantages over a fixed greenhouse structure. The most obvious being its size, growhouses take up much less space than greenhouses, meaning you'll have more room in which to do your gardening. Secondly, growhouses are portable, meaning you can chase the sun around your garden, keeping your plants and seedlings warmer. Thirdly, growhouses and cold frames are much cheaper than traditional greenhouses. 

Growhouse Dimensions

There are two lengths of growhouse available, 4ft and 6ft. 

The 4ft comes with 1 wide tray and 1 narrow seed tray shelves.

The 6ft comes with 2 wide and 2 narrow seed tray shelves. 

Both growhouses are 2ft 8 inches in height and have a depth of 2ft 2inches

Aluminium frame and 3mm reinforced safety glass.

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