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Grow Your Own Cactus

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The indoor wellbeing cactus seed starter is the perfect addition to your windowsill, improving your mood and adding a small pot of joy to whatever space you place it. You can place the pot, sow the seed and enjoy plant life very easily. 

Growing a cactus from seed can take a little bit of time, but taking the time to grow a small cactus can be really beneficial to your mental health and be an exercise in patience. Growing a cactus from the start is both rewarding and relaxing. 

As Cacti are easy to maintain, the cactus seed starter kit would make a perfect gift for anyone you know.

Contains a 5cm pot with coir growing medium and sachet of mixed cactus seeds.

Step 1: Place the coir discs into waterproof container and add 60ml of water. 

Step 2: Allow to absorb into a soil-like consistency, add a little more water as needed. 

Step 3: Fill starter pot with growing medium and carefully sow several seeds on the soil

Step 4: Ensure the seed and soil are moist, but never waterlogged

Cacti will perform and grow best in warmer conditions. Continue to water only a little once the cacti are established and keep in a sunny warm place, ideal for a windowsill

Take care when handling seeds and cacti as the spines can be sharp. 

Speed of cacti growth depends on growing conditions. Frost and fluctuations in temperature can damage growth and stop germination. All seed counts are approximate and images for illustration only.

For best results, sow within season of purchase. 

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