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Grow Best Fertiliser 23KG bag

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Functioning as more than a standard fertiliser, Grow Best works to enhance soil health, improve structure, and sustain nutrient availability. It addresses common issues associated with poorly managed soils, presenting a solution to reduce waterlogging and promoting enhanced plant growth. Embracing an environmentally friendly approach, Grow Best becomes a reliable ally in fostering a balanced and vibrant ecosystem.

Unlike its counterparts, Grow Best is celebrated not only for its N, P, and K (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) content but, more significantly, for its high percentage of rich organic matter. This unique feature places it at the forefront of fertilisers, prioritising the sustenance and enhancement of soil health.

This fertiliser not only improves soil workability and reduces cultivation costs but also increases resistance to soil compaction. Enhancing nutrient storage and supply, both NPK and micro-nutrients are well-balanced for optimal plant nourishment.

Grow Best will improve cation exchange capacity, governing nutrient availability, and lessens the need for lime due to enhanced soil pH buffering. Moreover, it supports soil micro-organisms, actively cycling nutrients and combatting disease for a healthier soil environment.  

Application: Suitable for use with flowers, vegetables, lawns, shrubs and trees.  Simply mix into your existing beds and planters, sprinkle evenly across lawns and water.

Suitable for a variety of plants, including flowers, vegetables, lawns, shrubs, and trees, Grow Best is a versatile solution for different gardening needs. To harness its benefits, apply Grow Best to enhance soil health and plant growth.

Formulated with worm castings, castor-oil plant, clay minerals, basalt powder (volcanic rock dust), seaweed extracts, trace minerals, and beneficial micro-organisms, Grow Best is a harmonious blend of organic components designed to nurture your soil and plants naturally.

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